Fundamentals of systems modelling and simulation

The course “Fundamentals of Systems Modelling and Simulation

Essay Content: Text (5-7 A4 pages approximately, title page not included, Normal margins, Times New Roman, font size 12 pt).

The essay must include the following sections:

1. Problem to be solved (simulation problem: preferably, in any country) 2. Simulated system (system to be simulated) 3. Aim and objectives of simulation 4. Input data (What input data will be used in your simulation model?): 4.1. constant data (model parameters) 4.2. random data: random events random variables 5. Approaches to preparing input data (How you will prepare input data?) 6. Output data (What output data will be used in your simulation model?) 7. Simulation experiments (How you will experiment with the model?) 8. Analysis of simulation results (How you will analyse simulation results?)