Gamification and wrap up

Learning Guide Section ? Gamification
For your Portfolio Project you will utilize a Web 2.0 tool to apply and share knowledge gained during the course by producing a Technology Guide for Distance and Digital Learning Tools. The ultimate aim of the guide will be to assist individuals in the process of selecting appropriate technologies for effective instruction.

Develop the fourth section, Gamification, of your Technology Guide for Distance and Digital Learning Tools.

This section of your guide needs to contain information on at least three specific gamification tools. For each of your three tools you will need to:

Describe the tool.
Explain how it can be used as a tool for effective instruction and provide at least one example of how it can be used to achieve a 21st century learning goal.
Develop strategies for integrating the tool with optimal learning methods in an informal setting, a formal setting, or both.
Describe how to get started using it.
List 2-3 sources for learning more about the tool.
Cite 2-3 references
Professional Reflection (Module 8): This section provides you with the opportunity to reflect on the guide you have created. Which tool do you believe will be most effective in your professional (or personal) practice? Are you likely to share your guide with others? Why or why not? (3-4 paragraphs) Cite 2-3 references (scholarly)

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