Generating Talk About Your Business

Hey do you remember when McDonald’s gave away free iced coffees for a full week? Or when Chase gave away $150.00 just for opening an account?

When you are trying to let the public know about a new service or product you want the entire world to be talking about what you are doing. However the only way to really do that, is to think outside the box. Get creative and go viral.

The first thing to remember is you don’t have to be expensive, just creative. You want to connect with your possible clients. So before passing out any sort of marketing material, do some research. Find out where you can find the most amount of people at one time that match your target customer. More importantly, after you found where to go, find a way to interact with them that will give them and experience of what you have to offer. Make it attractive and larger than life.

You don’t even need to leave your house to get people talking about your business. Just set your sights on some reputable blog websites. Find out who the expert reviewers are, and see if anyone would be willing to write about what you do, or what you sell.

Free items are good, but you don’t always have to do that to generate talk. Try to think of a clever way to incorporate what you do in a brochure that is tangible. For example a big name alternative energy electricity provider launched a marketing campaign by handing out small tree saplings to its group of green customers. What a great idea, remember think outside the box.

You can also generate some talk by writing an article or giving a speech. Start blogging on a regular basis and stop overlooking comments on other peoples websites, engage in the conversation.

Lastly you can jump into the social media frenzy. Be apart of Facebook, Twitter, Linked In. Don’t over look these great tools. Even if your not a huge fan, they can really help generate talk about your business. Most importantly be authentic, be yourself and what your company represents. If you follow these suggestions you have a great chance at launching a successful marketing campaign.