Gillette,now a division of Procter & Gamble, has developed its own iPhone application called”uAr1

Gillette,now a division ofProcter & Gamble, has developed itsown iPhone

application called”uAr1.”The appenables consumersto upload a pictureof

themselves andthen letthe Gillettefusion razor (yourfingerthat shows up

as aFusion razor on theiPhone screen) to virtually shave andthen create

many facialhairstyles and see theresults of the various lookson theiPhone

screen.Gillette believes thatreaching customers andpotential customers via

an entertainingbut potentially usefuliPhone app is not a cuteapp thatits

customers”will findamusing” but hasbecome a necessary part of the

promotional mixto stayconnected with customer base,especially younger


Do you agree with Gillette’sposition? Why orwhy not?How might

Gillette’siPhone apppromotional strategyaffect retailers sellingGillette