giovanni and lusanna love and marriage in renaissance florence the renaissance and reformation 1

Length: 4-5 pages (double-spaced in Times New Roman or any regular font)

Part 1: This is a story, as the title indicates, of ‘love and marriage’ during the Renaissance and
these are important concepts. However, there is much more than can be learned about this society
through this story. In your reading and analysis, what does this story reveal about the legal
process in Florence during this period? What do you make of the verdict? Perhaps more
importantly, what can we learn about the status of women in this society. What are their rights?
What is the role and how important are social orders in this story?

Part 2: Based on your expectations, what was most surprising about the story. Lastly, if you were
to ‘re-title’ this story, what would it be?
Format and Citation – You should use the Chicago Manual of Style format. A condensed form of
this can be found in Kate L. Turabian’s
A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and
. You may use outside sources to augment your discussion if you wish, but it is not
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