Go on an outdoor experience you have never done before and write about it

participate and evaluate in an outdoor recreation experience you have never experienced or engaged in (does not mean putting yourself in a dangerous situation). Paper (minimum 5-7 pages; total not include the title page and reference page) includes:



-footnotes or at the end of the paragraph when using quoted information from the text (KRAUS pgs. 19-20) -where required, include pictures in the content of the paper and not on the title page




-time when you began the experience

-name of site

-exact location of outdoor experience including the address and city

-include the name of anyone experiencing this with you

-explain in detail, why you choose this experience and provide background information about the activity

Describe, in detail, your outdoor experience from beginning to end.

-include pictures of yourself doing this experience to validate your attendance and experience. -Do not put any pictures on the title page include them in the content of your paper.

Evaluate and relate the experience to what you read and learned from your text

(document this information in your paper and include a reference/work cited page)

Write a summation and include what made the biggest impact on you from this experience and if you plan to

do it again; why or why not