Governmental Accounting

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  1.   Introduction includes objective and purpose – 2 pages
  2. Analysis

Perform a financial analysis of the city of Milwaukee, WI, for the fiscal year 2012 based on the CAFR applying (at a minimum) the following measures:

1) adequately of fund balance;

2) liquidity measure;

3) fiscal effort measure;

4) property tax as percentage of total revenue;

5) tax burden per capita; and

6) debt service as a percentage of total general fund expenditures.


Your report should include a profile of the entity, copy of financial statements used and an assessment of the “financial” health of the town and recommendations.

  1. Conclusion


More details about assignment:

The report should be from 10 pages using the APA format.  It should have an introduction, analysis, conclusion, and well-documented sources.Moreover, the introduction should include the objective, purpose.Similarly, the analysis should address the requirements of the paper in a format that lends itself to easy reading, understanding and evaluating.


at least 5