grant proposal to look at the effectiveness of psychiatric crisis unit on the time spent in the emergency room for patients with psychiatric complaints

Order Description

3-4 page outline of your research proposal.
Your outline should contain these elements:
a. Study Design: briefly describe your design with rationale
b. Study Population
i. Setting
ii. Subject selection criteria include rationale especially as it may be related to any
human subjects issues
iii. Subject recruitment strategy
c. Study variables
i. Independent: these are measures used in your study with brief description; provide
validity and reliability data on your measures as appropriate
ii. Confounding variables: identify data you need to collect that make affect your
understanding between independent and dependent variables
iii. Dependent variables
d. Statistical issues- this should include power or effect size, as appropriate, and a t your basic statistical approach to analyzing the data e.g., choosing tests appropriate to your variables.
e. Study timeline for conduct of your study.