Greyhound Handicapping – Get it in Writing

I have a friend who goes to the track with me from time to time. He buys a program, but he doesn’t carry anything else to the track with him, not even a pen. Nope. He just looks at the program, picks a dog and plays it.

The first time we went to the track together, I asked him why he doesn’t take notes or write down anything on his program. He told me that he’s one of those people who never has to take notes. He just makes “mental notes” and it’s all right there in his head whenever he wants it.

Well, maybe he really believes that, but all I know is that he consistently loses money at the track. Me, I can’t depend on my memory, so I take notes constantly. I know that if I don’t write it down, no matter how convinced I am that I’ll remember it next time, I won’t.

I guess he thinks it makes him look smarter or something if he says he doesn’t need notes like us mere mortals who have to write things down. On the other hand, I’m the one at the window cashing tickets and he’s the one sitting there, without a pen or a winning ticket to his name.

If you want to cash more winning tickets, get yourself two things: a good pen and good greyhound handicapping methods. Don’t rely on your memory to come up with winners. Take notes and have a good plan. If it’s easier for you, get a little voice recorder and “talk” your noted into it.

Better yet, when you get home, transfer your program notes to your computer or a notebook that you keep just for that purpose. Go over them from time to time. Before too long, you’ll have your own greyhound handicapping system.