Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

read and analyze a recent article from The Wall Street Journal. You will then write a review of the article that is at least 300 words and in current APA format.

Topic Choices:
Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

Per Capita GDP

Non-Market Production

Measuring GDP in foreign countries

Impact of imports on GDP size

Intermediate Goods

Phases of the Business Cycle

Make sure to select a Wall Street Journal article (300 words or more) that addresses all of the needed.

On the top of the page, provide the article citation in current APA format
On the next line down, type the topic of your articles (from the list above) in all caps and bold format.

In a double-spaced document, briefly explain the author’s purpose for writing the article. One way to understand the author’s purpose is to ask yourself why he or she wrote it. (For example, consider current and future events, politics, or anything else that may have inspired the article.)

Summarize the article, focusing on the discussion of the topic the article addresses. Define the economic concept being addressed. Incorporate relevant economic theory that is present so that discussion of the article content is clear.