He Says "I Miss You" – What This Really Says About His Feelings For You

When a woman falls hopelessly in love she can tend to allow her heart to rule her actions. It’s happened to almost all of us at some point. We meet a guy who sweeps us off our feet and we suddenly realize that all of our common sense has gone flying out the window. We start to over analyze every small thing he says or does hoping to find a deeper meaning in it. This is particularly true if you’re with a man who isn’t quick to share what he feels. If he hasn’t yet told you he’s crazy about you or he can’t live without you and it’s something you want to hear, you may try and find the words within his actions. One example is when he says “I miss you.” You may believe this is a clear sign that he longs for you, but don’t read too much into it or you may be deeply disappointed.

When you’re involved with a man and he says “I miss you” on the phone or at the end of an email message it may not be as significant as you’d like it to be. Women tend to use these words when they are longing to be with a man. When we say it, we mean it just as we deeply mean it when we tell our man that we adore him or wish we were with him at that very moment. Men aren’t always as literal as we are though and when he expresses to you that he’s missing you, it may just be his way of wanting to appear romantic.

Is there a way to tell if he truly does miss you as much as you miss him? There is. If a man longs to be with you he’ll do everything in his power to make that happen. If he’s away, he’ll rush back to see you. If he’s only across town engrossed in the middle of his working day, he’ll make every effort to be with you as soon as he can. In other words, he’ll put you at the very top of his priority list and you’ll always be there.

He’ll also be incredibly excited to see you each and every time if he truly does miss you. A man who is smitten feels a bit of a flip flop in his stomach whenever he sees the woman he loves. He’ll hold her tightly and be completely engrossed in everything she tells him. He’ll hold onto her hand and put his arm around her just for the small thrill of touching her.

Sadly, if you are with a man who doesn’t make much of an effort to see you or doesn’t seem terribly excited when he does, he may just be saying he misses you as a way to impress you. It’s always important to watch a man’s actions to see if they match his words. If they do, consider yourself adored. If they don’t, you may not be with someone who is being as sincere as you’d like.