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Health Information Technology Essay

Question descriptionSubmit the final version of the final paper.
Analyze the changes in approach, methodology, and priorities have occurred in the field of health information technology (IT) governance in the recent 10 years. Discuss:
The increasing number and scope of competing demands on health IT resources;
The need for alignment between an organization’s existing and emerging governance structures;
The central role of prioritization in governance;
The importance of technology choices being guided by an IT governance structure, not the other way around;
The dimensions of health IT capability that are evaluated and scored in an organization’s IT governance self-assessment; and
The rapidly changing nature of this field and the need for organizations to be prepared to adapt quickly to these inevitable changes.
Requirements of the final paper:
APA Format
Provide critical analysis
Cover sheet
At least 8 pages, double-space (excluding the cover sheet and reference pages)
Minimum of seven (7) PEER-REVIEWED references less than 5 years old.
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