Unit 1 Third Response Needed
Course Objectives

Healthcare administrators and Healthcare professionals face many challenges on a daily basis. Sometimes healthcare professionals have to be ready to make life or death decisions within a moment’s notice. Healthcare professionals must be able to balance care quality and efficiency and ponder whether they are being driven by the right forces for their patients. They are also responsible for improving the access of care. This is an issue that is at the heart of millions of Americans and of great concern to healthcare professionals since millions of Americans are uninsured/underinsured and may not have proper access to needed healthcare. Moreover, there is an inherent responsibility of healthcare professionals to build, maintain, and build up the healthcare workforce of the future. Each year, more and more generations age, therefore, more healthcare will be required. Healthcare professionals will be left to manage chronic illnesses, coordinate as wells a provide healthcare and other needed services. That means, that as the populations continues to age, end of life issues will need to be addressed. The decision making for this process is complex and the financing that pays for the end of life process is a discussion that affects a multitude of people (Sabatino, 2013).

Sabatino, C. (2013, May). Overview of Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Care. Merk Manual.

This Response Must Be Substantive To The Above and Plagiarism Free.

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