Healthcare-Affordable Care Act (ACA

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Affordable Care Act (ACA
The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has generated a lot of buzz among health care professionals. A blog hosted by your state board of health has asked for people to post their feelings about the ethics of the ACA. It is difficult to have sane discussions about the ACA, even with legislators, without understanding “where people are coming from.” A topic rarely discussed is what actual values Americans hold that affect their opinion about the ACA. Of particular concern for those of us in health care is what our colleagues are thinking. This blog is dedicated to airing the beliefs of health care professionals and trying to find some common ground.
Below are the first few posts that were made to this blog. Read each of the blog topics and select one to respond to. Since this is to be thought of as a blog commentary, remember that this response may be accessed by everyone in your organization, across the state and perhaps all over world via social media sharing like Twitter. As a health care administrator, your response must be factual, to the point, and non-inflammatory. Reflect on what values and ethical principles seem to be underlying support for and opposition to ACA? Where do you stand and why?
This blog is aimed at the values and ethics that underlie opinions. Be sure you address these opinions using appropriate ethics terminology (see assigned reading and include references). People’s basic ethics underlie their political stance — be sure to focus on the values in this discussion.
“It is not fair for those who have jobs and work hard to have to pay for the health care of others because the government has decided to interfere. The government should not be involved in ensuring people can get basic health care—let them do it for themselves. After all this is America, and we all have equal opportunity!”“Charity and kindness are a part of the American way of life. If we abandon them in health policy making, we’ve lost some of our essential nature. The ACA recognizes the problems of those less fortunate and tries to remedy it.”“Where is the money going to come from? Providers and hospitals are already stretched thin with shrinking reimbursements. Now the government wants to add penalties through value based purchasing. How are we supposed to make that work?”“Any patient can experience a poor outcome. Some poor outcomes are the patient’s fault for not following treatment regimens. How are we supposed to combat that? Where do these new quality of care incentives capture that?”
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