Health care organizations are meant to provide good health services to the public and ensure that the public’s health status is good. Healthcare Corporation of America is one of those institutions that are aimed at improving the health situation of the residents of United States of America. HCA started back in the year 1968 by Dr. Thomas Frist, and it is located in Nashville. The organizations own some hospitals and other health care facilities that are run by professionals. HCA has been a place where most patients who need surgery go to since it is known for the services that it provides (Lorsch & Young, 1990).

Mission, Vision, and Goals

The organizations have its mission and vision and goals that are the driving force for the organization’s success. HCA’s mission is that they are committed to improving the life and also to care, and this is what enables them to provide high-quality and cost-efficient services to the community that they serve. The goal of HCA is to transform healthcare and help the communities thrive. HCA offers one of the best health care services regarding the surgery and the treatment that the patients receive from the organization. Apart from improving the health of the community HCA has also contributed to the society by donating some money to ensure that the community also benefits from the organization.

Existing Issue in the organization

HCA owns many hospitals and surgery centers which are to ensure that the residents receive excellent and affordable services. The group has experienced some challenges where the patients have complained that they are not being treated as they deserve. The organization has also been forced to pay some money owing to experiences of whistleblowing. The team has been accused of fraud as the party involved could not explain where HCA got its funding from.

Service Price and Placement in the Market

HCA was ranked number seventy-nine among the many healthcare organizations due to its best services. The agency profits from the services it offers and it also has shares that sustain the team. HCA has used its professionals to partner with some business groups to ensure that they provide health care services that are affordable to the residents. These institutions that have partnered with HCA has enabled the health care to grow and provide care to the nearby communities and thus improved the health of the nearby residents.

Cause of the challenge facing HCA

The challenge that HCA has faced is making the outsiders know that their money they get and use to provide excellent healthcare services is clean money. Outsiders believe that the organizations have obtained finances illegally from the residents and the government institutions, and this has caused HCA to experience a set back through the various whistleblowers who have aimed at bringing down the organization (Davis, 2013). The patients have also claimed that the surgeries that they experience are not done well, and this causes them problems with their health in future. The questionable source of finance for HCA and the services offered has affected the company.

The enterprise has been forced to pay some fines attributed to the accusations that the firm faces. This, therefore, became one of my concerns as to why the patients complain of poor services and yet the institution has been ranked among the best in offering health care services. To improve the overall view of the services provided by HCA it is important that the public is informed of the service being offered and that the professionals are well trained to provide the best services.

In conclusion, HCA has played a significant role in improving the health status of individuals in the community and thus employing marketing strategies will eliminate the challenges the organization is facing.



















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