Healthcare Marketing – Part 2 of 3: Content Marketing

The world of healthcare marketing is vast and wide. There are several fundamental areas to review in the marketing process in order to make the most of it.

To do that we will cover three of the processes to help you understand the concepts that are important.

  • Part 1 – An overall marketing plan and strategy
  • Part 2 – Online and content marketing
  • Part 3 – Social media marketing

Offering healthcare content online should be straight forward and not a sales pitch for your practice. Your sales pitch will be that you offer the service, but the information should be strictly current medical best practice.

While marketing isn’t easy, what is easy is capturing visitor’s. According to Pew Research, about 72 percent of internet users are searching for medical information. Additionally, healthcare is the second most-searched-for service online.

With so many people looking for healthcare information, it shouldn’t be difficult to fill your pipeline as long as you are doing it effectively. That means using keywords well to increase your search engine optimization (SEO).

There are some rules to follow when building content for your practice.

If you write your own content, say so. The reader needs to know where the information came from. It could come from a paper you published or a speech you gave at a professional meeting.

If you are borrowing content, cite it. You may want to publish content from professional journals on the latest procedures available or new discovery in diagnostics.

Make sure your content is accurate. It’s one thing if your Home Depot and you make an error on your Website. It’s another when your are in the medical field. If someone else is writing for you, be sure that whatever is getting written for you is accurate.

• Be sure you are targeting your audience. Stay within your area of expertise as those are the people you want to attract. Make sure you craft your message well.

• You want to get some positive reviews on your website. It’s important that potential patients see that others trust you and feel good about how they were treated by your staff and by you. Reviews create content as well as solve decisions for your visitor’s.

Be a resource for healthcare information. Provide links to more information, other healthcare blogs, a library of guides and eBooks of topics your patients and visitor’s may not have known about. You will be a “go-to” site for information.

• More people are trusting what they read online today as the industry, in terms of professional information, is more reliable. In the past couple of years the percentage of consumers trusting the Internet for healthcare information has grown to 92 percent.

• According to the Pew study, 77 percent of people who go online to look for medical information do a search using Google, Bing, or Yahoo. About 13 percent went directly to a medical information site such as WebMD. Some started at a general site like Wikipedia or social media such as Facebook.

• In most cases searches related to the individual or a family member. Often they are very specific, whether for cosmetic surgery or a disease, treatment or other procedure.

Don’t be afraid to be creative as long as you pay attention to the rules. As a medical institution, there are rules you need to follow. Be sure you are current on any Federal Drug Administration (FDA) regulations.

Keep People Coming Back

Keep your site interesting and tease the next couple of posts coming up. Always have at least six posts ready to go up over the next several weeks. This is an old-time rule for newspaper columnists. There was always something “in the bank” that was evergreen in case the writer became ill or otherwise was unable to create a column. You want to follow the same rules. Post no fewer than twice a week.

Keep your posts to fewer than 500 words. Reading online is not the same as in hard copy. You should have enough volume to make a point and cover the subject without losing your audience.

Organize the page so it is easy to read, even skim. The main thing is that there is something of value and you have captured your visitor’s attention. Always have a follow-up icon for “More information.”

When you are ready to start marketing your practice, be sure to check out the latest articles and contact us if you need any clarification.