Healthcare Marketing

Target market’s demographics

Health Corporation of America has managed to gain the trust of the majority of market participants. The target market comprises of all categories of population. Consumers of healthcare services are both male and female. The young, old and the youth are also treated in the entity. All services are present to accommodate the needs of all population groups (Young, 1990). Most of the residents around the entity are working, and the majority is between the ages of 23-56. This population group has a high income, which in turn benefits the entity in terms of consistent profitability. Education in the region is highly boosted, with a number of schools and education complexes. The consumers need medical services each and every time. Patients in the hospital are reasonably many, and services and products offered by Healthcare Corporation of America are of high quality to satisfy the target consumer groups.

SWOT Analysis


The major strength of Healthcare America Corporation is the ability of the organization to contribute towards society’s wellbeing. This has In turn led to increased public presence and a boost in the corporation’s image in the market. Other strengths include; ability to satisfy consumers and wide capital base which caters for personnel needs and investment requirements. Consumer satisfaction is essential in every organization. Satisfied consumers will most likely remain loyal, and the public image of the entity will remain positive.



The major weakness at health corporation America involves consistent patient complaints of ill-treatment. Lack of proper care toward patients has led to a decline in the number of patients at the organization.  The heath care sector is a sensitive field, and professionalism needs to be established since people’s lives are at stake. Caregivers should be on the forefront in ensuring that the services they offer to suit the consumer groups and that the products offered in the organization are as effective and high quality. Other weaknesses at Health Corporation of America include; lack of enough personnel and the lack of proper market presence. The entity needs to boost its market presence, especially through advertising. Personnel needs to be employed to satisfy consumers more effectively. Employee shortage is the cause of inefficiency at the organization.


The organization has recently partnered with established and potential business groups. The move is meant to provide healthcare services which are affordable to the residents in the area.  The entity has an opportunity to expand its consumer base and open up various outlets in different regions. Affordable product and service pricing makes the entity a preferred choice in the industry (Davis, 2013). Other opportunities which need to be exploited at the entity are; the growing healthcare market depicted by the increased demand of services, and the increasing number of people in the region.


The inability to provide proper and efficient medical services to the patients has led to diversion and the loss of loyal consumers. Health Corporation America operates in a highly competitive industry. The presence of numerous entities which are already well established might lead to a decrease in profitability. Corporate culture needs to be boosted, and more so, emphasis on adequate and effective service delivery developed. Apart from high competition, the limited ability to provide healthcare services more efficiently and the inflation problems in the economic sector also lead to a drop in organization profits.























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