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The reason is that there are parts of the room where students are paying less attention and I think that if I were physically near them, they would wake up. I do pace, but it is because I have back pain, and standing in one place hurts. It also gets me out from behind the podium/desk/whatever, so that’s probably a good side effect. I’m autistic and when someone moves my attention immediately goes to where all the movements are. I’d rather have them stand still and talk with the slides. Then again, I’m not the average student! I don’t pace. I lean on the lectern that holds the computer and mindlessly toss chalk in the air. I’m trying to not lean because I feel like it is too casual. I’ve given up on trying to not toss the chalk. I’ve realized it helps me slow down the speed of my lecture, and students have never complained about the chalk tossing (of course, they tend to be trying to write out in longhand every word I say.

Whatever happened to note taking skills? I tend to move while I lecture (though I wouldn’t exactly call it pacing). I did have a hearing-impaired student my first semester as a TA, and I just made my best effort to face her every time I spoke, no matter where in the room I was. It seemed to work pretty well; I checked in with her several times during the semester and she seemed to be understanding me just fine. The hardest part of this on my end of things was NOT writing while I wrote on the blackboard. That took a lot of practice! Moving around the room is to be encouraged. Pacing monotonously backwards and forwards is distracting. I had one professor in grad school who paced so fast and so erratically that he was practically dancing while he lectured. It was so annoying and distracting! I think it’s like many things, where a little bit is really good but too much is really bad. Personally, I pace while I present, essentially for the reasons FSP stated in her post: drawing attention and making eye contact.

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