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2 years, and yes, i must admit, sometimes it can get a bit boring, but i get a lot more time for my schoolwork and for my family. Hi. I just found this page and enjoyed the advantage/disadvantage discussion. Were a homeschool family with 5 children. We have been homeschooling our kids for over 10 years. There are always 2 sides to every story. However, the advantages of far outway the disadvantages. On the other hand it may not be right for everyone. I must ditto some of earlier comments that homeschooling does not need to take a lot of time when you work together and have clear goals. It doesn’t need to cost a lot or take a lot of space. Another question that always pops up is socialization. Kids need much attention. They are more likely to get more loving, supportive attention at home than in a public setting. If you communicate with your kids in a truthful mature manner they will learn to get and receive attention the same way.

If you wanted your child to learn how to bowl would you send them to a group of kids their age, or would you seek a mentor who knew how to bowl? The skill of socialization is the same as any skill. They stand to learn a skill quicker and more complete when mentored by a few that are more mature in that skill. Kids learn more how to “survive” than how to properly socialize in a public school setting. As for “employability” I know of some homeschool graduates that are self-employed entrepreneurs and some who are employed professionals as well as employees. Of course I know public school graduates who are employed professionals and employees as well. We have had different people tell us that as soon as your daughter is old enough she can have a job here if she wants it. Homeschooling does not seem to be a disadvantage for “employability”.

I was wondering. Shouldn’t the person doing home schooling at least have a high school deplomia? What should the person responsible for the teaching have per schooling themselves? Yes, commincation and being able to socialize is pretty big in today’s society, much less ever, which is why the groups are formed. I know in my area, they even have a year book for local homeschoolers. It’s crazy but valuable for the kids. Yes, I can see that too. With many parents who home school , their heightened care would undoubtedly offer the child more attention and assistance. Still, in most schools there are a number of teachers with different skills and talents that a parent may not have – that a child might enjoy and have an affinity for. I do believe it’s important for any child to learn how to communicate and get along with others. Many studies show that Marie Montessori had a valid point that learning from peers, even when very young can help them learn quicker too.