historical development of each religion studied

historical development of each religion studied
Final project (Two Parts):

Part One:

Make a 5 photo story that represents the historical development of each religion studied in this course.

– Tell a story with 5 photos. No words.

Part Two:

Write a 1500 word essay that connects each religion with one another and how their teaching and historical developments relates to modern issues of your choice.


For the final project, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1.) It has two parts, do both.

2.) It is worth a large percentage of your total grade, so TAKE YOUR TIME and do it right.

3.) for the photo story, ONLY USE 5 PHOTOS in total!! (it is a comprehensive final project so make sure to include all 3 religions)

4.) For the essay, use any citations and quotes that you want from the readings, just be sure to give the proper reference. AGAIN, this is a COMPREHENSIVE final project, in which I want you to show how the 3 religions compare and contrast with each other, relate to each other, and build off of each other. As long as you make a convincing and detailed case for your position in your essay, you will receive full credit.