Historical site visit and research paper

The purpose of this assignment is to teach you how to prepare to visit an historic site and to acquaint you with a Tennessee historic site.



Paper requirements:  3-5 pages in length, meaning full text and not including title page, headers, and reference page.  You must have at least onescholarly journal orbook(not your textbook!) that is properly used in the text as a citation and listed on the reference page in proper APA or MLA format.Websites are not accepted for citations!


  • Your assignment is to visit one of the following historical sites in Middle Tennessee and to write a paper on your visit experience, answering the questions listed on this page but not limited to those questions.. Choose ONE site from the following list. You may propose alternatives to the Professor,  but you must have approval.
  • Your paper must also include documentation of your visit, such as a picture that you took during your visit or a scanned admission ticket.


Historic sites:


  • Stones River National Battlefield


Questions to address:

  1. How you prepared for the visit (readings, etc.)
  2. A description of the historic site
  3. What makes this site so historic and what are the most important aspects of the site?
  4. Your impressions of the site: what were you most impressed by, were you surprised by what you learned, etc.
  5. Would you recommend visiting this site to a friend—why or why not?
  6. Why should this site continue to be preserved for future generations?