History Discussion 7

First, please be sure to read my Module 6 Summary/Discussion notes that I emailed to all of you earlier. Next, read the 3rd objective in Module 7 (the one dealing with “social problems with Native American life in the 20th Century”), and then be sure to read the lecture notes provided in this module. After you’ve reviewed this material, address the following question – How did the assault to Native American perceptions of manhood ( ie, being forced to stop being warriors and hunters, who lost the freedom to hunt as a means to provide for their families) harm generations of tribal communities, especially native women and the family unit and why do you think it was so devastating? Again, include in this answer specifics as they pertain to the 3rd objective in this module. (Important!)

( For example, domestic and sexual violence is one of today’s major social challenges on some Native American reservations, as shown in the documentary “Rape on the Reservation”. )

The chapter six summary notes are attached. The 3rd objective is listed below:

Discuss and explain the social problems associated with Native American life in the twentieth century

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