History Document Papers- Stone

History  Document Papers-  Stone   (15 pts)


  1. a.        “Title of the Document Paper” & your name at the top of the page.  You should create your title.


  1. b.        Your essay should be four  and one-half to five  pages typed with 1” margins & 12 pt font.


  1. c.         Write it in paragraph form of complete sentences.  Edit your work; if not by another student,

 go to the Center for Learning Excellence (Bldg C) to have a tutor read and make suggestions or corrections.  Turn in your essay two ways:  a paper copy your final draft in class and submit it on Blackboard to the green check mark which is SafeAssign.   This anti-plagarism software must not alert on over 30% of your essay or I will not grade it.  Do not upload your primary source documents on SafeAssign.


  1. d.        Your introduction should set the historical perspective for your essay.  Describe the time period and what was occurring in the US history then.  This is often called “setting the stage”.  How did your topic impact and interrelate with these issues. Be sure to state what you will show or argue with each of your documents.


  1. e.         Develop a thesis statement that the entire essay is built around.  It should be in the first paragraph.  Underline your thesis statement and include in it at least three major points to be expanded upon within your essay.  Double space between paragraphs.  Be sure to write a conclusion as the final paragraph. 


  1. f.         Compose a long paragraph analyzing each of the five documents.  Identify each document:  be specific with the facts about each one.  Who created it, when, why and what was their motivation for the document’s existence?  Do not quote much from your documents; instead draw conclusions and inferences from them.  If you do quote, use quote marks at the beginning and end.  Quote should be no longer than one line. Remember what history is: interpretation and argument.



  1. g.        For sources, the five primary source documents suffice added to the back of the paper copy.  You may add secondary sources, but these are not necessary.  You should be able to write this paper without too much additional research.



Rubric:  Editing- 2 pt     Intro-1 pt     Thesis- 1 pt  Body- 5 pts    Conclusion- 1 pt   Documents- 5 pts 



OT – off topic

NS –  no specifics  (details for elaboration of examples for support)

WWWW-  who, what, when where   (this is history remember)

INC –  correct but not sufficiently developed

NC – no connection

AWK – awkward wording; is not clear or smooth

DNAU –  does not add up   ( 2 plus 2 does not equal 10)