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Get help for Fast Essay Writing Services | Just Question Answer. What is the link between perception and decision making? How does one affect the other? Some accountants have said that politicization in the development and acceptance of generally accepted accounting principles (i.e rule making) is taking place. Some use the term “politicization” in a narrow sense to mean the influence by governmental agencies, particularly the Security and Exchange Commission, on the development of generally accepted accounting principles. The Committee on Accounting Procedure of the AICPA was established in the mid-to late 1930s and functioned until 1959, at which time the Accounting Principles Board came into existence. In 1973, the Financial Accounting Standards Board was formed and the APB went out of existence. Do the reasons these groups were formed, their methods of operation while in existence, and the reasons for the demise of the first two indicate an increasing politicization (as the term is used in the broad sense) of accounting standard-setting? Explain your answer by indicating how the CAP, the APB, and the FASB operated or operate.

Cite specific developments that tend to support your answer. What arguments can be raised to support the “politicization” of accounting rule-making? What arguments can be raised against the “politicization” of accounting rule-making? We are providing CERT 401 Homework help, Study material, Notes, Documents, CERT 401 Write ups. 2. Overview of the topic. 2a. why is this a public issue? 3. Specific health behaviours that are targeted? 3a.what specific behaviours are the health educators and health people 2020 encouraging the target population to adopt? 4. Healthy people 2020 goals and objective related to the health related to the issue. 6. The role of the health educators in addressing the topic. 6a. using the 7 responsibilities of health educators, describe how a health educator would work to address the health problem in the community. 6b. what health education setting might be most appropriate for this problem. 2020/topics and objectives. The topics are adolescent health.

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There is a vast difference in the study pattern of students studying in online courses as well as offline courses or traditional courses of education. Some of the significant differences are pointed out in this article. The major difference is in the course content and its design. The courses designed in the online courses are made as per the international needs and guidelines from the industry as well as academia. Discuss the difference between a foreign bond (e.g., a Samurai) and a Eurobond (e.g., a Euroyen issue). Traditionally Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) has followed foreign trade since foreign trade is typically less costly and risky than making a direct investment into foreign markets. Entering a market via FDI allows management to enter the market in small increments controlling their investment. However, globalization of markets is challenging this traditional market entry strategy. Discuss how the new international business environment is causing this path to market expansion to change. Do you think the currency volatility and financial ratings of countries affect foreign investment decisions? Do you agree with the statement that countries with stronger currency invest in countries with weaker currencies?