Hotel Newsletter

Please, make sure to make the newsletter attractive as requested initially. You are welcome to check the examples from the customer. The content is fine, but you need to add some pictures and format the newsletter in the way it looks pretty.


please see attached files Newsletter topic and rubric, make sure that my essay needs to be creative and looks pretty

Guest Services Techniques

Hotel Newsletter

Customer service is all about building relationships with your customer base; however, to provide that customer service, hotel personnel need to be informed of hotel activities and local events, feel empowered and be aware of training opportunities, and also understand recent diversity and conflict issues that have impacted guests as well as internal customers.

This assignment seeks to incorporate all aspects of customer service techniques; in order to service your guests you must first service your associates.

Imagine you are responsible for preparing a monthly newsletter that will be provided to all hotel employees including the general manager and executive committee. Reflect on the hotel and brand that you described in assignment 1 that aligned with your own personal brand. Prepare a newsletter that incorporates and is filtered through the hotel brand that you would want to work for (i.e. branded language, font, color, picture, etc.)

Your newsletter needs to convey all topics covered in Section 2 of the course such as:

1. Product Knowledge (i.e. local festivals for the month, featured restaurants, special promotions and packages, updates about specific departments in the hotel, etc.)

2. Guest Communications (i.e. branded language, social media mentions about your hotel, etc.)

3. Conflict Resolution (i.e. announce and celebrate ?a win? about how an associate overcame a guest problem, etc.)

4. Empowerment & Training (i.e. monthly training available to hotel staff, motivation quotes, promotions, etc.)

5. Diversity Awareness (i.e. how to say hotel terms in a different language, local religious centers or community events, etc.)

This assignment will not only demonstrate your understanding of customer service techniques, but also what information is critical to your success as hospitality professionals. This assignment is worth 5% of your final mark.

You will be graded on presentation, grammar, and spelling. In addition, please ensure that your newsletter incorporates all aspects that were covered in Section 2: Customer Service Techniques.

Grading Scheme:
Professional Format 5 Marks
Brand & Guest Communication 5 Marks
Conflict Resolution 5 Marks
Product Knowledge 5 Marks
Empowerment & Training 5 Marks
Diversity Awareness 5 Marks
Creativity 10 Marks