How Can I Find Out If Someone Has Been Married

Are you faced with the question, how can  I  find out if  someone  has been married and need some answers. With people tending to lie about their marital history this is something that you should always verify. Using the information and resources suggested here you should be able to get the information you want. The current Freedom of Information Act allows you to be able to request the information without restriction.

Marriage records along with others, like birth, death and divorce records are now generally classified as open to the public. If you suspect the person to have been married in the state that you are currently staying in, you can actually find out from the Office of Vital Statistics. The fastest way to find out this information out this information is to go the office in person. If you are asking, how can  I  find out if  someone  has been married, this is one option you have.

I know most of you probably do not have the time for this. The other option that you have is to send the relevant office a written request to check for a record for you. If you want to request for a search online you can check out This is a company that most government departments have partnered with to help them with online applications.

The problem though is that you will still be unable to get instant results from VitalCheck. It could be anywhere between 3-5 working days or more depending on how much information you provide. If you are asking, how can  I  find out if  someone  has been married, you are better of using separate services that are faster and less involving. Try a search from places like or even and you should get some answers from there.