How Can I Get My Ex Wife Back?

A lot of men wonder “how can I get my ex wife back?” and it certainly is possible. You have in fact a great advantage if you think about it.

You already have a lot of knowledge about your ex wife. What she likes and dislikes, the way she thinks about things. Just think what an advantage that could have been in your younger dating days.

Unfortunately there is a sting in the tail of this advantage. She also knows you, probably better than you know yourself so that forces you to always be honest and genuine with her or she’ll not give you any chance. If those are not two of your best qualities, you better learn them fast.

Don’t Beg

Women still want their men to be strong so any emotional pleas or begging will drive your ex further away. Of course you will get to the point of asking them to come back but there is a lot of ground work to do. This is the time for thoughtful planning, not for outbursts of emotion or worse, anger.

Become the man you were

Your wife fell in love with you before. She can do so again. People do change over time but the characteristics she cherished in you will still appeal to her. You have to resurrect them and also cast off the negative attitudes you have picked up over the years.

It’s not easy, but a careful examination of your own character can reveal a lot of truths, sometimes painful, but knowing them means you can change them.

Apologize for your past behavior

It is no good attaching blame to your ex wife. Relationships are complex and no doubt there are faults on both sides but that is not the issue. In your wife’s eyes, you have faults and you must understand what these are and genuinely apologize for them before there is any chance of moving forward.

The initial meeting

Do not try to arrange any sort of reunion date. It is too much pressure and doomed to fail. A far better idea is an afternoon meeting. Beforehand, make sure that you can eliminate all possible objections she might raise. You know her so do think what she could object to.

Make sure she wont feel trapped or forced into a corner. Meet somewhere she can come to herself and will be able to leave when she wants. Initial meetings don’t clear up all the issues but they can put the process in motion to resolve them.