How Does Homework Help In Life

If you get a good education, you can hope to get a good job. Homework also teaches responsibility – you learn how to make and keep deadlines, finish difficult tasks, and stick to your plans. All that helps with your later life as well. 17 people found this useful Can you help me with my homework? WikiAnswers is not specifically set up to help with homework. Checkout the related questions for homework help sites. This is a question and answer site — this means you type… in aquestion and wait for someone to answer it. This can take minutes,days, weeks, or even years. If you need instant answers, youshould be using a search engine. Go to Google or any other searchengine and type your question — for example, type in “What are thelayers of rainforests” or “What is an interesting fact forrainforests” if you’re doing a report about rainforest’s. This willgive you results in second.

How can WikiAnswers help you with your homework? WikiAnswers is a question and answer website. That means that you ask a question and then wait for someone to answer it. We will help you figure out how to do the homework. … Here are some helpful tips if you need quick answers: . Use a dictionary or encyclopedia. If you know that you want word definitions, synonyms or antonyms, rhymes, or pronunciation, then you want to use a dictionary. If you want to learn lots of facts about one subject, then try an encyclopedia. Both of these are available online. How does homework help you? Homework helps you learn the lessons taught in school, to beresponsible, and to develop study habits. Share to: What is homework help? Homework help is when someone helps you figure out how to do your homework. WikiAnswers is a good homework help website. Here are some things that homework help is NOT : .

… someone writing the answers for you to copy . ] feature… to post yourquestions to the three most relevant categories, it will helpimprove accuracy and help speed the time before an answer issourced for you. There are many other places that you can go to get help on yourhomework. Check your notes. Your notes will typically have informationthat applies directly to your homework. This especially applies tomath notes that have instructions on how to do the problems andexamples. Check your textbook. The textbook typically goes into moredepth than the notes, so you might get a more thorough explanationthere. Ask your teacher. If you cannot find class time to ask, go seehim/her before or after school. Most teachers will be glad that youcare enough to ask about something that you do not understand. Ask someone in your class. If you are having a hard timegrasping the quadratic formula, then ask someone who typically doeswell in algebra. They might be willing to explain it.

Sometimes allit takes is to hear someone explain it in a slightly different waythan the teacher explained it. Once you think that you understandit, you might want to do a couple problems with them to make surethat you are doing it right. Ask your parents or siblings. This is sometimes a hit-and-missprocess since your parents might not have studied that informationin school or remember it, but they might be albe to help you. Form/join a study group. If what you are covering in biology isdifficult to understand, then you can form a study group with acouple people in your class. The purpose of a study group would beto help each other, so this would be a good source of help foryou. Check the Internet. If you are having difficulty understandingsomething, do a serach on it. You might find some explanationarticles or even find a video on it. Using these materials canreally help. Check the library. If you don’t understand theAmerican Civil War, you could go to the library and check out abook on the topic. As a last resort, you can hire a professional tutor.

Depends on who you’re asking. Me, I think it’s helpful practice. Share to: Does homework help or not help knowledge? Any practice that you do — such as homework! Share to: How does holiday homework help us? It gives you something to exercise your brain with over the break,so you don’t forget what you’re supposed to be learning. It’s kindof like exercising your body so you don’t g…et flabby. Answered In Learning Tips and Study Habits What if homework is not helping you? Then it’s probably time for a tutor. Ask your teacher how to getextra help for that class so you won’t get bad grades and befrustrated! Share to: Answered In Learning Tips and Study Habits Why does homework not help? Here’s what you’re learning when you do homework: . …you learn how to stay focused on work, even if you don’t likeit . Answered In Learning Tips and Study Habits Does homework help in later life? Yep. You not only learn information that will be useful, but youlearn how to be responsible and complete tasks on time. Share to: Answered In Education Can you help me do homework? If you want help, you have to ask a specific question about whatyou want to know. You can ask things like how to figure out thearea of a circle, or what the definition of hist…rionic is. If youask, we’ll try to help.