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Case Analysis – How effective have America’s “Get Tough on Crime” initiatives been on reducing crime?
Case Analysis – Do you believe our corrections system is effective in rehabilitating offenders?
Case Analysis – Do you feel that mandatory minimum sentences have a positive impact on reducing crime in the US? Why/ Why not?
Executive Decisions – If you were a member of the legislature, how would you go about proposing legislation to abolish mandatory minimum sentencing practices
Case Analysis – America has abolished the practice of corporal punishment. Some argue that we should return to this practice. What are your thoughts?
Case Analysis – Although we no longer use the stocks and pillory, shaming is still practiced in the US. Identify a scenario in which public shaming can be used effectively today.
Executive Decisions – If you were a modern day reformer, what changes would you consider making for the betterment of today’s prisons?
Case Analysis – What, if anything, would be wrong with punishing thieves sim by having them return whatever they have stolen.
Case Analysis – Define Deterrence and then explain the difference between genera and specific deterrence.
Case Analysis – Three-Strikes Laws have been the source of continued controversy, In your opinion, should they be abolished? Explain your reasoning
Executive Decisions – Assume that you are a Senator from your home state (Tennessee) in which determinate sentencing is currently being practiced; however, you have introduced a bill to switch to indeterminate sentencing. What are some of the strengths of indeterminate sentencing that you could use to persuade your fellow senators?