How Managers can Use Corporate Social Responsibility as a Strategy to Gain Competitive Advantage: An Investigation of Tescos Sus

Issues to consider in relation to the methodology chapter
Introduction: what is the chapter about….
Identify how the aim has fed into the chosen method
e.g. the aim of this research is to explore growth constraint of SME owner/managers, in light of the exploratory nature of the study qualitative method of data collection has been chosen as the apt approach for collecting data……
Types of data
Secondary…… define….sources of this
Primary…. Define…..techniques….methods …. (see below)
Nature of research
Distinction between qualitative and quantitative
Advantages vs. disadvantages of each
Identify the methods of data collection under each technique
Which applies to your study…
Data collection methods
What method of data collection are you going to use.. single or mixed method
Advantages vs disadvantage
e.g. interviews… define this
questionnaires…define this