How much of a Realist is Hobbes

Question: How much of a Realist is Hobbes, it means from reading the Leviathan, would you say it corresponds with realist principles? You will have to read pull something from the Leviathan itself (Chapter 10 to 18, 28 to 31)
-You will have to analyse how much of writing is, in fact, realist in approach.
-You can briefly discuss the assumptions of realism, and then discuss how those fit into Hobbes’ thoughts in the Leviathan.
– Support your argument by quoting the things you think sound Realist in the text, or those that you think do not sound so Realist.
-Use the two articles that were assigned with the Leviathan, to get a good grip of argumentation and structure. You can also use those to support your arguments.
Read Chapter 10-18 and 28-31

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