How People Use Mathematics Today

It is no doubt that Math is a huge part of people’s lives, regardless of whether you clean the house, mow the lawn or make supper. Whatever you do, wherever you do, you surely will be using math without even realizing it. It just comes naturally.

Daily Application Of Math

In The Kitchen – Cooking and baking will require some mathematical skills because each ingredient must be measured. Sometimes, you have to divide or multiply to get the exact amount you need. In fact, even the use of the stove will require such skill.

Communicating Through The Use Of Cell Phone – A way of communicating for most people today is chatting on the cell phone. This is cost-efficient, accessible, and easy. Everybody has a cell and this will require basic knowledge of math. You have to know numbers and how they work.

In The Garden – If you need to sow or plant new seeds, you have to make sure to make a row or perhaps count them out. You actually do this without thinking that you are doing math. Indeed, measuring skills are often necessary.

At The Bank – Can you imagine yourself going to the bank and not knowing what must be done or how to efficiently manage your finances? Well, this certainly will cause a big disaster in your life. Within minutes or hours, you will fall into bankruptcy.

When Travelling – Travelers may need to calculate their miles-per-gallon when fuelling up for daily trips. Air travelers, on the other hand, must know departure times and arrival schedules. Most importantly, they need to be aware of the weight of their luggage unless they want to spend much on their baggage surcharges. When they are onboard, they may enjoy some of the aviation-related math like altitude, speed, and flying time.

In School & Work – Students cannot avoid math. But even in History and English classes, they might need to know a little math. Indeed, some basic math skills are necessary. Jobs in finance and business require an in-depth knowledge of how to read profit or to decipher graph analyses. But even those hourly earners must know if their working hours multiplied by their rate of pay accurately reflect the salary they receive every payday.

These are just some of the situations or places where people employ their math knowledge and skill. Indeed, you cannot do away with math since it is everywhere. Hence, it is important that parents and teachers of frustrated or unwilling math learners must use real-world examples to ignite their interest in learning such significant subject.