1. Raj is interested in how religious beliefs influence political engagement. Which level of analysis best fits Rajs research questions?

a. social

b. individual

c. cultural

d. biological

2. Which scenario would be most relevant to interpersonal behavior researchers who work at the social level of analysis?

a. Mike and his twin both struggle with depression, even though they are very different in other ways

b. Kojos son just turned three an is able to use language more and more each day, but he tendss to call all animals “horsey” even though they are cows or giraffes.

c. Charlotte suffered a stroke last year and although she recovered fairly well, one side of her body is partly paralyzed, which has interferred with her ability to play tennis with her friends.

d. Tawnys boyfriend does not treat her very well, but every time she comes close to breaking up with him, he persuades her to give him another chance.

3. Dr. Tucker incorporates principles from behavorism into her therapy practice when she thinks it may be effective in helping her patients. Which of the following is an example of how Dr. Tucker might use her knowledge of behavorism to help people with psychological problems?

a. She uses new drugs that have been developed that operate on the behavior centers of the brain

b. She helps teach behavior modification techniques to patients with anxiety, so they can practice avoiding faulty ways of thinking.

c. She suggests that her patients with memory problems use computer games to practice memory related tasks

d. She helps trauma victims improve their psychological health by discussing their childhood experiences in detail

4. You are doing an experiment to test whether excercise improves self control in children. Half of the children will jump rope for five minutes before being left alone in a room with a bowl of candy. The other half of the children will color for five minutes before being left alone in a room with a bowl of candy. You plan to measure how long it takes for each child to begin eating the candy as well as how much candy the children consume. Which statement about your research is true?

a. Your dependent variable has two operational definitions

b. your independent variable has two operational definitions

c. your study does not have a control group

d. your study has the advantage of taking place in a real world setting

5. Professor Jacobs conducts a lot of research. He always makes sure that his study records are stored in a locked cabinet inside a locked office. Only he and his lab manager have both keys. Which ethical issue (s) are addressed by these protective measures?

a. anonymity

b. confidentiality

c. risks

d. all the above

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