how to avoid the negative effects of iphone usage 1

Process Analysis strategies:
-Use accessible and conversational language because your audience is: your peers, me, anyone who is already familiar with technology. We all have phones.
-Use “I” and “you” throughout the essay—even in the intro paragraph. 1.) GIVE INSTRUCTION/COMMANDS: “Make sure to . . .” “You should/should not . . .” 2.) GIVE RECOMMENDATIONS/SUGGESTIONS: “You may want to consider . . .” or “Think about . . .” 3.) GIVE WARNINGS OF PITFALLS: “This might happen . . .” “You might not succeed the first week you try not to use your phone too much . . .” or “Your friends might wonder why you’re not Snapchat as much . . .” 4.) MAKE PREDICTIONS: “If you use your iphone’s social media less often, then your time will be . . .” 5.) POSE QUESTIONS: “Have you ever thought about the effects of . . .?” or “Are you ready to . . .?”
I. Introduction ParagraphA. Opener – address your readerB. You can talk about yourself?C. Thesis (steps/points to consider)
A. SNAPCHAT i. connecting with specific friends and family (Identify them! Explain why this is fun or important . . . be concrete/detailed) ii. what are some of the features you like about it a. the different filters b. it’s “in the moment”
B. INSTAGRAM: i. famous people (Arab)example – who i’m following mohammed alsalm (singer )and aya zaedan she’s a model ?? Why are they famous? What is intriguing about their posts? ii. close friends – be specific
C. CANVAS: i. check homework announcements ii. check grades – it’s about keeping track of progress and academic success (be concrete: Discussion Board posts, essay drafts, other assignments) iii. check inbox/instructor’s comments – it’s about communication

A. how many hours per day or per week iphone is used(between talking to people and using the social media apps) can affect your body and eyes (vision) i. recommend: how many hours per day should your reader use their phone?? “Limit your phone usage to . . .”
B. losing valuable time, you don’t do what actually matters i. read books for self-improvement (like what is a title of a book you’ve read?) ii. learn a new language, improve grammar iii. hang out in person with friends and family (like who? Maybe someone you mentioned earlier in this essay?) iv. do homework (like for what class?) v. watch movies (name a movie you’ve watched?)
State your thesis in a different way, give some final recommendations/advice. Give encouragement/hopeful words to your reader!

—- when you write i want to follow this steps each paragraph i gave spesific point just talk about it .
if you have queation just let me know .

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