How to Become a Successful Freelance Magazine Writer

There are very few jobs for a writer that are more well-paid and more exciting than writing for magazines. A freelance magazine writer uses the perfect blend of creativity and professionalism that can be extremely satisfying. Although most magazines have in-house staff to create content for them, there are always some opportunities for freelance writers both for online magazines and offline publications. If you think you have a good command over language, have a creative streak and can fit well into the role of a freelance magazine writer, here are some tips that will help you get started.

Identify your niche

Writing for magazines is very different than writing general articles for online audience or writing fiction. Most magazines focus on a single area to which their target audience belongs. Depending on where your interests lie and how much knowledge you have of a particular field, you can choose a niche that you want to write about. It could be lifestyle, travel, sports, interior design, technology – anything at all. While choosing your niche, you should also think about how you will convince potential employers about your expertise. If you have a degree or any other educational qualification in a particular field, it could go a long way in securing you a good opportunity. Strong experience in that niche will also be very helpful.

Identify magazines in your niche

Once you have chosen a niche, you need to make a list of magazines that operate in the field. Don’t just focus on offline magazines, there is a huge number of online magazines now that have a big readership and can pay you well. The way you approach offline and online publications could be a little different. You may have to write a letter for the former, while for the latter, you can leave a message on their website or write them an email.

Send your credentials

When you write an email or a letter to the magazine, make sure you have included an up to date resume that clearly highlights your strengths. You should also attach some samples of your past work in that niche so that the employer can get a better idea of your writing style and knowledge.

Be loyal to the employer

Just because you are a freelancer, it does not mean that you do not need to form long-term relationships with employers. Only when you are committed to that professional relationship, can you expect a constant stream of work from the magazine. It may also help you get referrals, which will increase the amount of work that you do, and consequently, your earning potential.

Remember that being a freelance magazine writer is not easy. You have to constantly stay on the top of your game so that both readers and editors remain interested in your work. Commitment and passion will take you a long way in this career.