How to Better Understand and Use Split A/B Testing to Generate More Traffic

Many internet marketers who set up a blog or website tend to set it up one time and then drive as much traffic to it as possible. If you’re using your blog in order to send traffic to another website, it is important to make sure that you’re getting traffic to the blog but you also want to make sure that you are sending the maximum amount of visitors to the other website, optimally a squeeze page. The easiest way for you to be able to maximize your efforts in this traffic generation technique is to test with A/B split testing.

Split testing is almost a lost art but it is something that is very simple for you to do and the results can kick your marketing results and therefore your profits up several notches. When you split test, 50% of your visitors are going to see one version of the webpage and 50% are going to see another. You will be able to track the clicks that go off each of the websites so you will easily be able to see which one sends more traffic. This latter website is the one that will be favored over the other and the less effective one will be scrapped at that point.

The real magic of split testing is the fact that it never really stops. Instead of simply finding a better page that you will utilize on your blog, you will actually continue to test different items on the page — such as the headline, the graphics, the colors, the text — on a regular basis which will help you to improve your click through rates and to continue to improve on them indefinitely. Many marketers who split test in this way not only improve their clicks by a very small amount but eventually, they may double or even triple the amount of clicks that they are sending off their blog to the other website.

In order to split test this effectively, you’re going to need to make small changes, one at a time. After all, if you make big changes or more than one at a time to the page, you will not be able to truly identify what is making the change in the statistics. By making single, small changes and continuing to test one thing at a time against another, you will be able to get an overall picture of what works and what doesn’t. And you will clearly see what makes the differences in how you are sending traffic. You can then use these differences on other websites as well in order to maximize your overall Internet marketing efforts.