How to Boost Confidence in Public Speaking

It is not very uncommon to find people who possess fantastic oratory skills to be shy of the crowd. The two traits, after all, are not, as per any rule, meant to go together!

However, a quality such as public speaking skills must not be wasted by sheer lack of confidence. Apart from continuing to hone one’s rhetoric talent, it also becomes absolutely essential to boost confidence in order to be able to face the crowds. Here are some tips that would help you gain this confidence and make certain that you master public speaking.

The first step towards confidence while speaking among large audiences, is to be able to speak confidently before yourself. Once you have prepared your speech, stand in front of the mirror and speak. Look at yourself, your expressions, the movement of your hands and the way you appear while speaking. If there is something that you do not like about your own style of speaking or presentation, this is the best time to gauge and correct it!

Another tool to boost confidence in speaking is to record your voice, or your speech, and then listen to it carefully. Watch out for any undulations, grammar or vocabulary mistakes, and inflections in tone that you might need to rectify. It might help to make a friend or mentor listen to the recording as well, and help you point out the areas that require correction.

So, if you do have someone to listen to your recording, make them listen to your speech, as you speak, as well. Speaking in front of one person, whom you trust and feel comfortable with, can be a great boost to your confidence. This person could be a friend, parent, sibling, mentor or anyone who will give you their honest judgment.

Take your confidence to the next level by speaking next in front of a small gathering of friends, family members or peer group. This should further help you enhance your speaking skills and result in some unbiased criticism.

While you progress from one step to the other as you attempt to master public speaking, do remember that you might receive some candid criticism on your style, vocabulary or grammar. Since the people giving the opinion would be from a group that you trust and who seek your success as much as you do, be open to any comments. In fact, pay close heed to their remarks and try and correct your speech according to them.

Soon enough, you will experience the change in your level of confidence. So, go on, shed the fear and get yourself those accolades in public speaking that you so greatly deserve!