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Not only I got a glimpse of myself, but it was also very useful seeing what these personality traits were good for. I believe that a self-assessment is necessary for everyone no matter what is their occupation or age. It is useful in a way that it confirms what you already know about yourself. This self-assessment helped me in a way that it confirmed already what I knew about myself. It was really functional and reliable, because it made sense. I was satisfied with most of my results. I took the time to go through every exercise carefully. Starting with the first exercise I scored high on agreeableness, which is pretty good, because I tend to cooperate with others, analyze a situation or a problem and then give my opinion. This leaves room for everyone to give their opinion and share their concerns. I find this trait very helpful in situations where you have to work in a team.

My extraversion score was also high. I believe I’m a sociable, talkative and an assertive person. As for conscientiousness it described me as responsible, dependable, persistent and achievement oriented. I sometimes tend to assume too much responsibility! I could describe my personality type as warm, sensitive, artistic, emotional, etc. Although I can’t say that I was always warm with everyone like I am today, I guess it is something that maturity brought with itself. I always saw myself as someone with multiple talents or at least I like to think of myself as multitalented. I tend to engage myself in many things, because of my interests. I’m a curious person and I like to explore, taste and try new things, even though it is sometimes frustrating finding the time to devote myself to the things that I really love. I believe that my outcome and my future are all in my hands, because of free will, and liberty to live my life as it pleases me.

I believe that every action has a consequence. Our bad decisions can harm us in the future just like our wise decisions will help us in the future. Every person is born with a conscience given by God, but it is up to each person to listen to his or her conscience. I do not believe in luck or things happening by chance. I believe that everything that happens; happens for a reason and that God in his heavenly wisdom does things in order to protect us from harmful situations that we cannot foretell or prevent ourselves. I got a moderate score on my self-monitoring exercise, which relates to the cues and hints people often give you with their facial expressions and body language. My adaptability to different situations is flexible and my behavior can change depending on the situation. I tend to be proactive, initiative and I take action where it needs to be taken. I identify opportunities, but I sometimes tend to take them lightly.