How To Craft A Better Abstract

If you have finished writing your term paper and have already written the abstract, you or your mentor might get a feeling your work lacks something, and you can’t quite put your finger on what exactly that might be. Make sure your term paper abstract is brief but informative. Make it into one paragraph and use single spaces. Follow the same outline your main paper has. The abstract is basically supposed to be a smaller replica of the main paper, having similar sections and a similar outline. Need help with academic or business paper? Write an introduction with the mention of your motives and the relevance of the problem. Include the description of your objectives, the bigger picture around the problem researched and the magnitude of the field processed by your research. Also briefly describe your methodology, the angle at which you have approached the problem, and what means you have used to solve it. Lay out the results of your research. Say what you have achieved, found out or discovered in the course of the research, what goals you have met among those you set in the beginning. Add a discussion part if you feel like it will help, or if your mentor told you so. Spill some water on how your problem looks now after you have discovered and achieved something new. Discuss the future of this field of study and its implications on other related fields, or embrace a larger, more global scope to talk about global meanings. Draw conclusions. Revise your initial goals and talk about what you have changed, focusing on what you had in mind in the beginning of your research.

Such a time, I imagine would be around 9 or 10 at nighttime until 8 in the morning. The idea of one entire public shower seems to have allowed for too much cruelty throughout history, so each quarter must be outfitted with its personal shower. Throughout the entirety of the grounds of the prison, there will always be some guards on duty walking through. The entire complex ought to be surrounded by a very high concrete wall, with armed guards on the top. The work area for all the guards will be outside of the concrete wall, to prevent prisoners from gaining access to weaponry or anything else that could be used to escape or cause harm. The guards are to be taught that they are aiding in reforming these prisoners — that they are to act as compassionate masters, not as slaving overseers. I also imagine that such international, non-profit organizations should be allowed, at all times, to monitor the prisons. In the previous paragraph, I have effectively drawn an example of the protection that society, the guards, and other prisoners, would be allowed.

I have also granted a rather generous portion of liberty to people who have demonstrated that they have difficulty living in liberty. Because they would be surrounded and watched by armed guards, plus an enormous concrete wall. There is another part of the life of the prison that must be considered, though. It is the work and recreation part. Traditionally, this is a combination of making license plates and lifting weights. That idea, also, must be entirely removed from the prison. These prisoners must be required to work, and their labors must be enough to pay for the prison system (the guards, the concrete wall, the quarters, etc.). I imagine that, even in an unfree society as this, that would amount to three to five hours a day — so long as the these prisoners are paid the wealth they create. The industry that they engage in should depend on the prison. One might prefer farming, while another prefers manufacturing.

Whatever the case, prisoners must work to pay for their stay at this place. It has been preferred that these prisoners stick to an industry that does not compete with other national industries. This idea is absurd. But, then again, so is the system of Capitalism, which allows these other national industries to be privately owned. However, all that is a debate for another time. Then there is the consideration of recreation in this place. These prisoners ought to be afforded some wage for their labors, of which they can use to purchase certain recreational items. In our modern prisons, it is considered a crime if a man has a poster or a book that cannot be accounted for. This, too, must be entirely removed from our prisons. These prisoners, as I said, are paying for their crimes — while they are in the prison, they are to be treated as ordinary citizens, with restricted liberties. They ought to be allowed to purchase such items as notepads for writing and sketching, books for reading, music discs, perhaps simple electronics, among other items that would be of recreational use to these prisoners.

I think there would be minimum books or music discs available at the prison store, though, since there would be an enormous library there that would aid them, not only in their recreation, but also in their re-education. The courtyard to which the prisoners are confined must be equipped with public recreational activities, perhaps certain sporting or weight-lifting areas. It is important that these prisoners are allowed a form of recreation. The most important right of all is the right to cultivate your own mind and to sow the seeds of passion in your own heart. To deny this most fundamental right to these men would be to turn them in to tyrants. And, inevitably, the only victims of the system would be the prisoners and their to-be victims in society. Finally, there is the consideration of the re-education in this place. I have stated, very thoroughly, that I am opposed to compulsary education in a free society.