How To Determine If You Need Tutoring

What are some signs that you or someone you love could benefit from tutoring? Use this guide to determine if it would be helpful in order to foster academic improvement. Do you or does your loved one need help with homework or to prepare for an important examination? Are you or they currently having difficulty in school? If you answered yes to one or both of the previous questions, then you may be in need of some educational assistance. A professional tutor can provide that for you. This is true whether or not you are used to excelling or underachieving, academically speaking. However, you should know that despite how bad or frustrating your situation may seem, with the right education assistance, you can and will overcome your academic struggles. The purpose of this article is to discuss how to determine if you need tutoring for those individuals who are facing academic struggles and aren’t quite sure what to do about it.

One of the first steps to determining if you are in need of tutoring can be an assessment of grades. Low or falling scores are a clear indicator that it is needed. Aside from personal issues that may be affecting your ability to focus on your work, you should be able to decipher between a bad week and a bad semester, grade wise. If your problem is indeed solely academic in nature, it may become apparent that you are struggling as a result of problematic techniques in your study habits. A tutor can help you with your study habits and give you successful tools to help you study more effectively. Another way to determine if you are in need of tutoring is if there a difficulty focusing on or comprehending any particular subject. Let’s face it, not everyone is a genius. That being the case, sometimes in our academic career we have to face subjects that are particularly difficult to comprehend, but you still have to do well to pass the class.

A tutor can help you understand the subject by explaining it in more relatable terms, thus increasing your comprehension of the subject matter. A third way to determine if you are in need of tutoring is a general underachievement in a subject in spite of your best academic efforts. After putting in your best efforts and continually receiving low scores, it can be particularly off-putting and discouraging to any student. You may understand the subject to a degree, but can still perform poorly on tests. A tutor can help you by giving you the necessary tools that you are lacking to perform better on your tests. Whether you are a straight-A student facing a tough upcoming examination or your grades have suffered the entire length of your academic career, every once in a while we all need a little help with a subject or two. Educational assistance is the perfect resource through which you can reach out in an effort to obtain the help you need in most any subject matter.

Self-publishing is ideal for a business person who wants to use the book as part of his or her overall business strategy. It’s a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your field (assuming the book is well-written and informative). The book can be “repurposed” into E-books, teleclasses (telephone conference-call classes), Webinars (seminars held on the phone and Internet), and eventually advanced courses sold for thousands of dollars. Thus, the book itself is printed at a loss and is generally given away to seminar attendees. Self-publishing is also an option for novelists who really believe in their books, but because they’re new can’t find a publisher for the book. The key here is that you’ve at least tried to sell your book to a traditional publisher. Self-publishing with an aim toward eventual publishing with a major publishing house will require a tremendous amount of energy and perseverance to market and sell your book.

If you can show that the book sells, you’ll find a publisher. Just putting it on Amazon won’t do a thing. You absolutely must work at marketing your book. There are many self-publishing options, ranging from “free” (Lulu) to several thousand dollars. Perhaps the worst option is to go with what’s called “Vanity” press. These are companies who will publish your book for two to ten thousand dollars, print 2500 or more copies, and do a minimal amount of marketing. You’re stuck with a garage full of books and an empty wallet. Beware those companies who want to print your book in bulk. Lulu is the most popular, but has its own costs. Most of the books published on Lulu sell no more than 10 copies – total. The books are amateurish, with home-made covers that look like something the dog chewed. The book print quality is good, but the printing prices are steep.