How to Drive a Man Away – Mistakes Women Make

If I told you men were complicated I would not be an honest man. Men are pretty simple creatures when it comes right down to it; woman are a little more complicated but that is a different story. However, woman often find ways to drive men away from them, either through their words or through their actions. If you want to avoid alienating your man, avoid doing the following.

Ignoring His Feelings.

Do you know why most woman think that men are insensitive or out-of-touch with their feelings? Because men are good at hiding how they feel and pushing down their feelings. However, that does not mean that they are emotionally immune or dead inside. Men have a great deal of defenses in place to protect themselves, and acting like they don’t care is one of them. However, if a man is in a committed relationship he begins to let some of his guard down, which makes it even more painful if   someone  he cares about says something negative or that hurts his feelings. Just because he does not cry, does not mean you have not hurt his feelings or scarred him deeply.

Disrespecting His Family or Friends.

No, you probably are not going to like the people that he hangs out with. Yes, his mother is never going to treat you the way you think you deserve, and she will never probably think you are good enough for her son. What should you do? Just smile of course. No matter how you feel, anything negative you say is going to confuse him and make him feel defensive. He loves both you and the other people around him. Plus, he probably can’t stand your friends or the way that your dad looks at him, but do you ever here him say anything?

Being Negative.

Do you know why women have to constantly deal with being labeled as a nag? Because at some point in his life, some other woman was constantly complaining about everything around him. It could have been his mother, or maybe it was an ex-girlfriend. Whatever the case it makes him more sensitive when it comes to your complaining. A man is looking for  someone  to deal with the ups and downs of life with, not  someone  who is going to make every bad situation worse with their attitude.