How to Effectively Perform Article Submission to the Directories

Article submission to the directories is one method of creating traffic in your blog and also marketing your articles. This increases the number of clicks and at the same time boosting your popularity in a certain field. Submitting articles consistently can help you to increase links as well as earn good position in search engines such as Google, yahoo and others. Once your article appears on first pages of the engines, you are almost sure that the number of clicks will rise. Since there are several methods of submission, it’s important to look each. This can help you to make good decision on which one to use. Here are the three major methods.

Employing submission services

This is a method of article submission where you provide all the details of your articles to the service providers who do the work for you. Most of such providers are nowadays available in the internet and hence getting them is very easy. They usually do the work at a fee that is dependent on different firms. It’s a very fast way of submission since they already have the names of all the directories to submit to. They therefore submit to a number of directories simultaneously. It’s an effective method since you can be able to utilize the saved time in  writing  more  articles  hence posting continuously.Continuous submission helps your readers to taste your reliability. However, it can be costly since you have to pay for the service.

Submitting the articles manually

You can also submit your articles manually or get someone to do it for you. This is a method that requires people who have enough time to go through the whole process.You need to lists all the directories first where you intend to submit and then submit to each. This way of article submission gives you freedom to control the whole process but at the same time consume most of your precious time. The advantage is that you can always upgrade the list of directories you are submitting to by removing those you don’t need and adding upcoming ones. The process can be labor intensive since each submission to a directory takes a substantive amount of your time. Although it’s cheap in terms of cost, it’s not economical.

Using article submission software

This method involves purchasing software that does the submission work for you. The software’s are available in the internet and can be downloaded. The software must be fed with all the details of your article so that they can be submitted. On the same note, the software must be set up with all the directories of submission. Once this is completed, it becomes easy since one is only be required to regularly upgrade the directories. Its time conscious but it can be an expensive article submission method since good software’s are costly. The software must be installed in a working computer that is internet enabled hence the method requires skilled personnel for efficiency and operation.

You can therefore choose which method best fits your demands and employ it.