When you establish a web presence in today’s world there is a lot involved. But here are a few simple steps to help you get your customers at the very least to sit up and take notice.

An important component to your success on the Internet is of course, your website. The difference in an OK website and a great one will determine whether or not you will have steak on your table or bologna sandwiches. Adding video and lots of pictures will ensure they stay on your page more than a few seconds. But also adding an RSS feed with fresh content daily will keep them coming back for more.

Encourage feedback by adding a blog to your website where readers and customers can answer the question of the day, for example. An interesting idea is to put a puzzle for people to solve and get 10% off their next purchase. This will also keep them coming back to your website. And that’s what you want.

Another way to establish web presence is to connect your website to multiple websites. These other websites could be other sites that you link to or a website you create off your main website page. The idea is to expand the content and create value.

Creating successful ad copies for your websites that are compelling and motivating are key elements to your online presence. Ad copies should have a catchy headline to capture interest to read further. When   you   write  your ad copy, write from the heart. Tell a story and tie it in with some training or facts about your product or service. Don’t forget to add video or pictures that make your story easy to remember. If your ad copy is entertaining, you will have repeat visitors for sure.

So, in essence, to establish a web presence you will need an awesome website with links to multiple web pages. Those webpages should have compelling ad copies that would send prospects to take action and buy your product or service. Along with blogs to create relationships and encourage feedback, you will quickly gain a web presence and following.

Adding articles with pictures, and adding videos that go with the articles to post on your blog would also gain the trust of your peers. You will be an expert in your field faster and people will know where to turn for advice in your field.

Good luck and God bless.

Isabella Fiorentino

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