How to Generate Highly Read Article Ideas

 Writing  and publishing  articles  is a good way to get back links to your web site and build your own authority. Nowadays there are so many articles on various subjects available online that it’s hard to come up with original article. However there are a few things you can do that will help you generate highly read articles ideas.

1. You can participate in chat rooms related to your niche to ask people what they are interested in, what products they are looking for and what they are up to. This way you can find out what products are in demand and what people would like to do so that you can create articles that will solve their problems.

2. Try to browse TV ads, news and shows to find out what information are broadcasted on there because those are usually hot topics that can give you new highly read articles ideas.

3. Another great place to seek for highly read articles ideas are discussion boards where people asking various questions related to your niche and get answers. Those online discussions can be a great idea maker for your articles.

4. Ask the visitors of your web site or your customers for opinions of what kind of articles they would like you to publish on your e-zine or web site. To do it you can come up with simple online survey that they can easy fill out.

5. Don’t forget to check your guest book as people often leave there questions, suggestions and opinions that can bring some highly read article ideas for you.

6. You can also visit online bookstores to check out the top best sellers list that might be a great resource about the most popular topics that you could write about.

7. Another good way is to  write   articles  according to the time of the year. For instance you can create a content about holiday or other season things.

8. Joining related e-mail discussion lists is also good idea if you seek for new ideas for your articles. You can browse through some questions and answers to put together your own article from them.

9. Feel free to relate the article to a current fad that is going on in the specific industry, so that your audience will find it interesting.

10. Also put together the questions, answers and suggestions you receive by email or phone from your visitors or customers in one solid file that can also deliver you highly read ideas for your article.

 Writing  a series of  articles  on specific subject isn’t easy. Even if the  writing  process is easy for you itself, it’s quite hard to come up with a good idea for  article  that will be found valuable by readers. Sometimes you can get ideas just from daily things and situations you find yourself in, however if you lack of subject you can use the methods described above to come up with your own highly read article. Article marketing is very effective to promote not only your business, it also helps you brand your name over the web so that you can earn trust of people who read your articles.