How To Get A Rich Girlfriend – Powerful Trick To Find Wealthy Women Looking For Men Where You Live!

Life used to be much different for me. And then one night I figured out how to get a rich girlfriend.

I hate to sound clichéd – but the trick is so simple and yet so effective.

Before figuring this out, I spent a lot of my time wondering how to find wealthy women who would date me. I used to look at guys walking hand-in-hand with rich ladies and think: “That should be me!”

But two things used to stop me looking for a rich woman!

1. I’m over weight – and can’t seem to shift it now I’m in my thirties.

2. I was always broke.

These days I know how to get a rich girlfriend. And I’m neither broke nor fat (my girlfriend pays for a private fitness coach)!

Maybe you and I used to be pretty similar, right? That’s the reason I want to help you. I know how it feels!

The intention of this article is to show you how to find HUGE lists of rich ladies looking for men.

So here is the easy way to find wealthy women – and I haven’t seen this anywhere else, so I’m guessing guys in the know are keeping it quiet for themselves…

Get yourself a membership to a popular dating community. Social networks won’t work. It needs to be dating because you want to find rich girls seeking dates.

Make your profile look pretty and then visit their people-search section. You’ve seen this sort of page a million times. Now you won’t meet rich girls by just searching for local women.

To find wealthy women you need to filter your search… And here is the trick.

The best dating sites let you filter searches for LOCATION. So what you do is put in a search for women seeking men but refine that search for ONLY women who live in a rich neighborhood.

This is POWERFUL. You have before you a list of potentially very wealthy women looking for men.

Just consider this – how many rich ladies can you find using this simple little trick? Hundreds? Thousands?

And – best of all – they all want a man!