How to Hypnotize Someone With a Watch

Moving a watch sideways, words uttered, “Your eyes are getting heavy. You are getting sleepy. I am now hypnotizing you with this watch to do everything that I will want you to do. You are my slave and now, I can conquer the world!” says the antagonist in a Disney cartoon movie. In real life, though, how to hypnotize someone with a watch is long gone. It is not anymore practiced by psychiatrists in treating patients. Truthfully, the watch routine is making the subject feel weird and nauseated.

Using watches to hypnotize like in stage shows are normal for entertainment purposes although the hypnotist’s practice is real. People watching the show can really be captivated by the hypnotist since hypnosis seems to be very easy to do. How easy can it be? People who volunteer to be hypnotized by the stage hypnotist are willing individuals who are aware that they are going to be hypnotized and their mind is prepared for such activity. That is the first step. Acceptance. Second step is readiness. Third step is focus. Learning how to hypnotize someone with a watch is not necessary at this point. You don’t need to swirl any object to the person you are going to hypnotize. It will just annoy the person or make him or her feel sick.

How can you effectively hypnotize another person? You have to be equipped on the techniques about hypnotizing. Read books and check free websites online that teaches you how to learn hypnotism.

Is it hard to learn? It is moderately challenging since you have to study how it is done and you have to be committed. It is like studying any subject in school. You have to read the basics. You also have to practice what you know and hypnotism doesn’t successfully happen overnight. You have to practice over and over again until you get it right. How to hypnotize someone with a watch used to be a technique until conversational hypnosis, NLP, induction hypnosis and other methods proved to be more useful.

To be truly exceptional in the art of hypnotism, you must go through a learning process before you can see the outcome. Use the skill on the “field”. Practice whenever you have the chance and you should start that with people you know to achieve some positive feedback. The more you use your hypnotism techniques, the quicker you will be learning from it and improve yourself every time you use it. The more hypnotism techniques you learn, the better hypnotist you are going to be. Say goodbye to the notion on how to hypnotize someone with a watch. Hypnotize someone with the expertise that you have acquired.