How To Make Your Article Writing Explode Across The Page

 Article   writing  is easy, but what’s tough is writing content that really gets the reader’s attention. As anybody can see by surfing article directory sites, there are millions of articles on millions of topics. In order to get yours read, you need to catch the reader’s attention.

The reader doesn’t know anything about your product. Your article or sales page is one among millions that they’re bombarded with. It’s the very first introduction to your product or services, and this is why it needs to grab their attention and keep them hanging on until the very end. If you don’t grab them, somebody else will.

Spend Some Time On Titles

The one of the most neglected areas is The Title. When you do a search and turn up a whole list of results, what do we see? A title and a short description. I doubt if many people even bother to read the short description if that title doesn’t absolutely pull them in.

It’s well worth it to spend a little time on your titles. Headings are important too. Your readers might be only checking out the titles; if it doesn’t get them, they’ll click somewhere else. The title advertises what your article’s all about. It should stand out from all the others.

Make The Content Good And You’ll Keep Them

This doesn’t mean that once they get past the flashy, funny, entertaining, intriguing and eye-catching title that you should bore them with dull content. Once you’ve pulled them in, you need to keep them reading.

The best way to write is in a conversational tone. Talk just like you would to a friend. Just make sure you don’t make a bunch of grammar mistakes or use a bunch of slang. The ultimate balance is to write content that’s conversational while also sounding informed on the topic at hand.

Humor helps a lot too. If an article is peppered with jokes and bits of humor, this will make them want to keep reading as well. Be careful not to offend anyone or tell jokes that are over most readers’ heads.

One more thing about the title and content – the title should be relevant and tell the reader what they’re going to find in the article. Don’t pull a “bait and switch” with your title or else your article won’t get you any traffic. As soon as the reader realizes the title was misleading, you’ve lost them.

The Call To Action

You’ve got an attention-grabbing title and some content that keeps them reading. Now, you want to wrap it up with your “call to action.” They’ve gotten a taste of the services you offer, now you point them the way to the real thing. A skilled writer can do just this – pull them in, keep them reading, and then have them clicking the link for more information when it’s done.