How To Prepare A Persuasive Dissertation?

By conducting some research to find effective resources to use as your source material, organize the arguments in a logical manner, and structure the paper to complete the argument presented, students can create a persuasive dissertation. A dissertation full of content is no good if its not persuasive enough. By persuasive, we mean that your dissertation needs to be moving enough to convince the reader of your point of view. Preparing a dissertation that is persuasive enough is a requirement for college students. Nevertheless, tackling the assignment can be a bit overwhelming. By taking a little time to prepare and find effective resources to use as your source material, organize the arguments in a logical manner, and structure the paper to complete the argument presented, students can create a persuasive dissertation. The first thing required to accomplish this is to choose a unique topic. Examiners do get annoyed by reading the same paper semester after semester. While you may feel strongly about a particular topic, it must use a brand new approach to the argument which is unprecedented and never done before.

Consider a topic many people may not have covered already, or something you are interested in but do not feel you know enough about. Next, gather effective and comprehensive primary & secondary resources. Your resources form the basis of your argument, so these resources need to be valid and authentic to persuade the reader. Since youre not the foremost authority on the topic, youll need to locate someone who is and quote that person. Be sure to cover all sides of the argument in your dissertation. There is a reason you are attempting to persuade your reader to your side of an argument, because yours will essentially counter with another side of the coin. By recognizing the validity of other arguments, writers strengthen their position instead of undermining it. Organize the paper in an effective manner. Use the introduction to introduce the argument. Following that is the argument you wish to present, followed by alternate arguments. Once youve recognized your side and others, you must refute the other arguments to cement the validity of yours. Create effective and comprehensive opening and conclusion. The introduction is imperative to convincing the reader of your side of the argument. Similarly, the conclusion is with what you leave the reader with as your final word on the subject. It needs to be convincing enough, otherwise it may appear to the reader that you yourself are not convinced about it at all. A conclusion must make it clear to the reader about how you have presented and proven your argument to make your entire dissertation completely effective.

1. Have I answered all aspects of the question? Is it clear what I am discussing? Have I stated an opinion when asked for one? Have I provided examples where asked? Have I said what I wanted to say? 2. Is my essay well-written? Have I used paragraphs? Do all my paragraphs have a topic sentence? Do I fully develop one idea per paragraph? 3. Is my writing correct? Have I checked for spelling errors myself, without relying on spell-check? Have I checked for grammar errors without relying on a grammar checker? Have I checked my facts: dates, document titles, names, etc.? Try reading your essay aloud to a family member. Does it sound like it flows easily? Can your audience member summarize your essay back to you in one or two sentences? Try putting your essay down for a day or two and coming back to it and re-reading it. Do you notice anything you’d like to change or add?

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