How To Proofread A Dissertation Proposal

Normal 0 The number one mistake made by college students at all levels of study is about to cost you approval of your dissertation proposal – lack of effective proofreading. After years of college classes and countless hours, days, weeks, and months researching your discipline, the dissertation proposal is complete! The number one mistake made by college students at all levels of study is about to cost you approval of your dissertation proposal – lack of effective proofreading. As simple as it sounds to correct, most students are so tired of the topic and can virtually quote their proposal from memory they forget this critical step. There are several easy tips that will insure that your academic advisory committee does not needlessly penalize you. Let it Rest. You must put some time and distance between your written work and your editing efforts. Again, the dissertation proposal is so familiar that you will likely read what you think you see instead of the words that are actually there.

Wait a couple of days or even weeks before proofreading. Do not look at it at all during this time. If you have ideas, jot them down, but do not read the dissertation proposal. Find a Quiet Corner. Turn off the music, TV, and video games. Editing for your dissertation proposal is brain labor intensive. Give it the attention it deserves. Regardless of your personal study styles, noise will distract you from the details you need to correct at this point. Read Out Loud. Many professional writers use this technique to check their work. Words, phrases, sentences and even paragraphs sound differently than they look. This can help catch redundancies, inconsistencies, verb tense problems, and a host of other “unforgivable” mistakes in your dissertation proposal. Mark It Up in Color. Use the old fashioned idea of correcting your work with colored ink. This, of course, can be the virtual highlighted on the computer screen or a real pen – your choice. Dont use red – be more creative with your colors and this can actually help the creative aspect in your mind. Perhaps is the visual stimulation? In any event, it works. Get a Second Opinion. Just like a visit to the doctor, a dissertation proposal is an important deal. Get someone (qualified) to proof it again. This can be a trusted colleague or professional writer. This is perhaps the best advice since they are not as “invested” and will give you accurate and helpful feedback.

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