How To Select Your Essay Topic?

Your essay topic is largely determined by the type and length of the paper you are to write. In most cases you will be asked to write a literary essay, an argumentative essay, a position, or a descriptive paper. The length may vary from five to twenty five typed pages, depending on whether it is a brief report or term paper. Three Criteria for an Essay Topic Whether you write a literary essay, argumentative essay, position, or descriptive paper, the subject you select must meet three important criteria. The topic should interest you. It should be within your abilities. There should be enough information available on it to complete a paper. The first criterion is the most important. Something besides fear of failure has to sustain you through all the hours it takes to research, write, and revise a report or term paper. Make the paper a process of discovery for yourself– something you want to know or say about a topic. That desire will help to see you through to the end of the project.

The second criterion is also essential. You may be interested in a topic but not have the background or ability to handle it in a paper. Say, for example, you are interested in the flights of Voyagers 1 and 2. you want to do a report on some of the computer programs that send commands to the small spacecrafts. The scientific journals are filled with complex diagrams and explanations, but you find none of it makes any sense to you. You have no background in computer programming and no ability to translate technical information into plain English. Finally, make sure enough information is readily available for you to develop your paper. For instance, you may have heard about rock–and–roll bands springing up in Tibet. The subject intrigues you, and you feel you have enough musical background to write about it. But preliminary research turns up only a half-page article in a weekly news magazine. Obviously, you are not going to be able to build a tern- or fifteen-page report on one short article. A better topic may be the rise of rock bands in China and Japan, a phenomenon covered in the U.S.

All subheading need to be indented. 4. A separate listing of figures and tables should also be included. Details of all tables must be mentioned in this section. This list should incorporate all short titles of entries, enlisting the entire caption is unnecessary. 5. The introduction part needs to be compactly written. Unnecessary stretching should not be done. The best way to write a quality introduction part is to write it after compiling the body part. The body part will enlist all the lengthy description and then it will be easier for students to write a quality introduction. The opening part needs to be short, compact and engaging. This portion should be attractive enough to bind readers to it and should also provoke them to read further. Introduction part is essential to create the hook in the write up which will interest readers to read further. 6. The introduction part should include few significant portions like a statement, which will state all objectives of the research, all relevant background information and proper acknowledgement to all research works done on the same topic. Students must also include all scope of the study in the introduction part.

7. After the opening part, the next significant portion is methodology section. The methodology should be indirectly involved in the opening part. In the method section, students need to write about processes and methods that he has adapted to get information and to complete the research. The information, which will be included in this chapter, will allow readers to know depth information. All information about research procedures should be mentioned explicitly. 8. In the conclusion section, one should include all statistics, tables and graphs. The result portions explicitly need to add all variation of different aspects of the result. It is not mandatory that students only need to write about the positive results, negative results can also be drawn up in this part. The result portion should not be written in long paragraphs. This portion can be written in small parts. However, the most noticeable result needs to be stated in one sentence. By following these tips, the student should be able to write compact and a well-structured research paper. As the last resource, it is always advised to hire help from assignment writing service. While students are stuck with multiple assignments, students hardly get any time to invest time in writing a research paper. Therefore, it is always safe to trust experts with research-based assignments.

Structuring an essay is the key point getting good grades in essay exams, same goes with A level essay. Usually, students are not able to meet the standards of writing and structuring which results into bad grades. Structuring an essay is the key point getting good grades in essay exams, same goes with A level essay. Usually, students are not able to meet the standards of writing and structuring which results into bad grades. This is the reason why, A level essays are considered to be one of the most difficult assignments ignoring the fact most of the problems lies in the structuring of an essay. This is why; we have decided to provide a step by step guideline on how to structure A level essays for different topics. We will be providing you with three step guideline for writing A level essays, read and follow it. The first part will be of introduction where you will be briefly discussing the nature of the topic of A level essays.